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What we do
VisiStart specializes in producing videos that help companies and individuals to demonstrate their unique value, because video is by far the most popular and effective way to get noticed. But we are already one step ahead by making video a central part of marketing and sales. Startups, musicians, performing artists... Everybody who starts something new should consider video to get results fast.  
We have produced video material to help companies attain visibility, boost and simplify the sales process and implement web based training modules.
Videos from various events and video interviews are further examples of recent activities.
VisiStart has also helped many startups to become great presenters using video to support their pitching training. The results have been simply amazing as well as the the feedback on how much video improves and speeds up learning.
Who we are
VisiStart has its roots in a long career in sales and marketing and years of working with audiovisual content. Being a small company, we can cost-efficiently take on also smaller projects that do not require the huge resources of larger production companies. Most important is that the video fulfills its purpose.
VisiStart was registered in January 2017, but already had some activities in late 2016. We are based in Espoo, Finland and serve our customers in English, Finnish and Swedish.

We are here to help you
Our mission is to help make your dream come true with videos that make your audience want the unique value you are offering.
Please give us a hint about your video needs and ideas by filling in the contact form. I am sure we can work out something exciting.
Let's talk!

Lars Lagerström
Founder of VisiStart
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